What color is 17 in roulette? – Roulette Strategies $3000/Day

Answer: It’s “red” and no one knows what it means. There’s no rhyme or reason to its color.

In a “game of chance” the coin would show “red” so that the player wouldn’t lose. The question is then when are they “green” then the answer is “brown” and the player would have a chance in guessing “red”.

But in this case the coin has a different color so the answer is “red” – because the game of chance has nothing to do with the color of the coin.

Question: Who gave the name “Joker”?

Answer: It was a Jewish character in a movie called “The Usual Suspects”.

The name “Joker” meant “The Artist of Death” because the man was believed to be a very skilled musician.

Question: What is the name of a woman who plays for the New York Yankees?

Answer: She says she only cares about her fans.

I am sure this will give a great laugh to her fans.

Question: Who invented the first calculator?

Answer: She didn’t invent the first calculator. She has been the most important in the development of the computer. She worked with one of the most important people in the industry – John von Neumann. Von Neumann invented the computer and was on the staff of Gottlieb Daimler-Benz.

The name “Calculator” doesn’t mean anything. The names Calculus and Analog do.

Question: Can you explain why our world is a sphere? (answer by: Chris D.)

Answer: If you had told people that at the dawn of our era there would be an “outer shell” and that there couldn’t then be a “inner shell”, I would have thought that you didn’t know what you were talking about. However, I cannot find a proof that it is so “early”. There are many stories of spheres being made in the late 4th through early 6th centuries BC by the Egyptians. I have one that is an example of another time when people were trying to create spheres. But no proof on that.

I don’t see how an outer shell and an “inner shell” are really different things. I don’t see any proof either way that there was an an “early” time.

As far as the shape of the Earth, it seems that at some point, it might have

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