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As seen on the Russian channel 1P, here is the official website for the event:

To celebrate the Russian Roulette event, we organized at least one local shoot in Russian Roulette. The idea is to shoot a group of students of various Russian institutions on a first-rate Russian Russian Roulette table. The goal will be to determine an accurate score. We would like to know who is at the table and whether the players have some kind of skills in the game. In the evening there will still be some fun, but there has to be one game of Russian Roulette. At all costs, it’s best to have a good result and, of course, no-one wants to miss the start of the tournament.

The event takes place on October 10 and 11 at Kostrzhanovsky Street in Moscow, where it should conclude on October 12, when the final round of the tournament is to begin.

For more information about the tournament and to register, please visit the official website and its Facebook page.

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On Wednesday afternoon, I sat beside a wall, with some friends, watching the proceedings in our New York office. Most news in this country concerns the Middle East—that’s the part of the world our military will be fighting—while most of the American people remain in bed at night worrying about the news they can’t get to, or about things they don’t even care about.

That’s not quite right. The war in Afghanistan—more than any other—will be a key issue and, as the president noted on Tuesday, he thinks “it will require more troops after 2014.” And he wants to know what the Pentagon will do. That’s not a political issue. It’s a war issue, a security issue, and it’s a problem for the president because it requires him to decide what to do about it. The president has no problem playing politics. He didn’t play those politics on Tuesday; he will not play them on Thursday.

This is a problem. No president is going to give up any war, any war he thinks the war is worth waging, on his first day in office. In any way, shape, or form. The president will not take a political risk, because he has a clear vision of what he can and cannot do. The commander in chief knows that, and doesn’t care. He will say things as

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