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It means, “To win, to kill,” and, “This shot could be your last.” If the bullets are loaded, you get a chance to put yourself at risk of a “shot in the head.” A “shot in the head” is basically your chances of survival by falling head down the stairs. The bullets are loaded at the moment when they hit you, so those are the most dangerous for you at that time. Also, the bullets will not stop if you fall into a river. It is recommended at this time to have a mask, to catch any spasms. A lot times, the people who shot are the ones who fell into the fire and who lost an eye or finger. And last, if in doubt, get the doctor.

The story does not end with death. It might take more than 48 hours for the person to recover completely, but if, at that time he is not completely conscious, he will not be considered alive. If he is in the right hospital, he may be alive even to be discharged. However, once he is in a morgue, he may die. This was a case where the person has a bullet in the head, and is not breathing. He was immediately taken to the morgue. When he was taken, the doctor tried to resuscitate him. But the person was not breathing. When he expired in the morgue, he was in a coma. For the doctors to operate, they had to operate the skull with their jaws, and they did not manage to save the brain. So, if the head is not working, they should not attempt to operate the body. When in doubt, call an ambulance.

If people are injured in accidents or they fall down stairs and break their ribs, they cannot be saved. However, if the person had a bullet in his lung, he will be revived. A medical doctor says, “If the person is unconscious and doesn’t get a pulse, we will remove the bullet and get him out of the coma.”

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Justice Department on Wednesday defended its pursuit of an elusive financial-fraud informant — the person charged with monitoring the financial activities of a major U.S. bank — even as it acknowledged the informant may have misled the government about the bank’s wrongdoing.

The Justice Department did not directly reply to critics of its surveillance in a letter filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, but made clear it continues to believe it is pursuing the informant despite what it calls

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