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When two coins are created, and one is 1 1 (1), the coin 1 1 payout is applied. This 1 1 payout is the sum of all the coins created.

How do I use the 1 1 payout?

To use the 1 1 payout, the coin is created with the same amount of coins, the first coin is minted.

In other words: the first coin is created.

To generate 1 1 payout, I just have to put the 1 1 payout.

How does it work in the real world?

I am aware of the situation where a lot of coins are created in each block. This can lead to a lot of confusion and problems.

I want to buy Bitcoin at 0.001 BTC, how do I do that?

You can either wait 1 day while waiting for the coins to enter the exchange; in that case, you will earn 1 1 payout.

Do not buy at 0.0031 BTC, you will lose it in the process.

Do not buy at 0.0033 BTC, you will lose your entire wallet and your money.

The 1 1 payout system will not result in you selling your coins for more than 0.0001 BTC. Because the coins created have value, the 1 1 payout is an opportunity to buy the coins back at a new market value.

I just want to buy bitcoin at 0.001 BTC, how to do that?

You should create an account with an exchange or wallet and then spend as many of the coins on buying as you want. For example: you may want to buy 1 BTC on the exchange of Bitcoinica which has the lowest trading fee, and you want to spend 0.0004 BTC on buying a new laptop. To do this:

Open the account and click on the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ button.

If you do not use an exchange account with an exchange-like interface, then you will first be asked for a username and password.

The first two fields you need are: (a) your username and (b) your password.

Enter your username and password.

Select the transaction address from the dropdown menu.

Click the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ button for your transaction address.

The transaction will be processed and the number of coins in your wallet will be updated in your account.

Once you’ve completed this procedure, you should be able to see your balance on

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