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Double Ball Roulette is a game that features many players shooting at each other, and each player tries to get the most points for their ball each time there is a miss.

How are the scores calculated?

When two players each shoot, they each are awarded one point. After a point has been awarded, the winning player is awarded all three points of the other player.

This double scoring concept of two players shooting at each other does not stop here! If a third or fourth player scores, their score is calculated as well.

Double Ball Roulette is played in a round system. Round begins with a round of shots on each round, followed by another round of shots on both rounds. Players score as normal when a double ball roll occurs (no misses are allowed). Then the round begins again with a round of shots on each round until a round is complete.

When a player scores, they are automatically the winner or runner-up of that player in the previous round. All players have to give the correct player a point so the other players can start another round. If a player scores zero points, they lose that game.

Can you lose both your balls at once?

No – not really. The game will take about 12-15 minutes to complete. If a player loses all their balls before they are finished, they lose that game. The winner of the previous round is the one player who scored one point that round.

What are the rules for this game?

Please see the Game Rules and General Conditions box.

What happens if my goal is not met?

If there are still shots left in the round, but your goal has not been met, your scores are taken into consideration. Please review the game rules and general conditions box below to see what happens if you do not meet your goal or score.

Are you interested in hosting Double Ball Roulette?

We are always interested in hosting Double Ball Roulette events. Contact us to learn more about our venue and hosting services.

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