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I’ll take your guess, but it goes something like this: I am the most likely person to be on the receiving end of a roulette strike. I can choose an outcome and it will always be one of my choosing. I don’t have to worry about other players. I may have to think of a way to win the money, but I can’t worry about being wrong. I’ll be on the receiving end of a strike in about 1% of the time. I should be good at this game.

But how much does that number vary? That’s something I think about a lot. I have done all kinds of studies to try to answer that question. I have been reading up on various types of gambling games and doing all kinds of experiments. One idea I have that I’ve been exploring is to see how many players would be on the receiving end of a strike if I were to take a coin toss (this is just my guess). To do that, I take a bunch of roulette rolls and assign players a probability proportional to the total number of times they played during the game. The more players, the more likely they are to get knocked off on a particular roll and get sent to jail. So, for example, if a group of 3 players are playing, a total of 20 times, 50% of them are likely to get knocked off on a roulette strike. But, if 20 of the players are on strike, 10 times as many are likely to go down. That, I think, is something that people are curious about. So, I’m curious to see if there exists any study that could provide some evidence to that effect.

So, I’ve been studying this, but what kind of evidence is there?

A few years ago, I was interviewed at a gaming science conference in Baltimore, MD. I was surprised to be asked that question. I think the interview was conducted by a couple of players. They wanted me to talk about how many players are on the receiving end of a roulette strike. So, a few years ago, I gave a talk about roulette strikes and my research for that session.

So, what was my answer?

My answer was pretty simple. I think I was able to sum up all my studies in less than a minute. My average response was about 1.5 games per person on the receiving end of a roulette strike. By this measure, I would have a roughly 5% chance of striking out a player.

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