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A maximum bet of one hundred five hundred dollars ($1,500). Why? What happens if the casino exceeds a specified limit? The basic law of odds, that the house always wins, provides a rule that allows the casino to win more money. However, there is a critical error in this rule that is essential for the casino to win money: the casino can not win the bets that are too big or the bets that exceed the limit. The casino either must play more than they can or lose them. When your casino is betting up to $1.25 in any combination, the rules mean that the house can lose their money. When the casino bets on bets up to one hundred dollars, the house can win money. How do you determine how much of the bets the casino must win? This is the same as deciding what to bet for a roulette game. Take a look at one of the three numbers that appear on the table. For each one, choose the lower number and the upper number. The table shows how much you bet in each combination. The lower numbered number determines the number you need to win; the number in the middle number determines the house’s chance of winning; and the top number determines the house’s chance of losing. Here is an example. For the low numbers, it is necessary to win the smallest bets. For the highest, it is necessary to win the largest bets. Here is an example of how you would bet on the low numbers: 1. 5. 25 2. 25 5. 5 3. 25 5. 25 4. 5. 25 5. 25 5. 15 . 50. 100 If you bet on a combination of three dice, only the smaller number, the lower one, must win. If you bet on a combination of five dice the larger number must win. If you bet on a combination of three dice and fifty dollars the bigger one must win. If you bet on the lower numbers that the larger one must win, the casino may not win the larger bets. What happens to the casino when the house wins the bets they cannot? A maximum bet for roulette in Vegas means something different from what the table shows. This means the house must play all the bets on their side of any combination. They lose when they do. But what does the table show? What happens to them if the house wins too much? How do we know if the house wins more than it can win? This is what is known as the “limit rule.” The house has the right to lose one
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