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The biggest money maker in Vegas is definitely the Strip casino, because it generates over 70% of the revenue for the casinos there. But that’s only part of the story. Las Vegas is the largest city in the US with the highest concentration of illegal gambling. Not every illegal casino is located in Vegas, since Las Vegas takes in most of the money from its casinos’ illegal gambling operations. There are dozens of illegal casinos in Las Vegas alone, most of which are located in the middle of the Strip. A good place to start exploring Las Vegas’ illegal gambling economy is to investigate the top-paying illegal casino jobs.

This post is meant to be a short and digestible guide for people who would like to find out what Las Vegas illegal gambling jobs are good for.

Top 10 Las Vegas Illegal Gambling Jobs

1. Street Poker Player – Street poker players are known for their fast pace, no-holds-barred strategy and extreme dedication to their game. Las Vegas street poker is arguably the biggest illegal gambling market in the country. Street poker is where street chips are traded and where the best money is made in Las Vegas.

2. Gaming Dealer – Gaming dealers are the largest category of gambling employment in the country. There are a staggering total of 20,928 gambling dealers, in Las Vegas, California and Texas alone.

3. Gaming Stuntman – In the days of casino gambling, the gamblers themselves were often the ones making the calls on how the bets would be made and where bets would go. This was known as the “hands on” game. It’s also where the largest profit in illegal gambling originated. During the era of modern slot machines, it became increasingly difficult for gamblers to make accurate calls on how the games would be made; hence the widespread use of stuntmanship.

4. Cashier – Cashiers are one of the worst categories of gambling jobs in the country, which is why it is often considered one of the safest work environments. Cashiers are the primary source of gambling revenue in the Las Vegas region, with the lowest unemployment rate outside of Las Vegas themselves.

5. Slot Counter – Slot counters – also known as “slot workers” – are the lowest-paying part of illegal gambling. They are mostly found inside the casino entrances for the day and their work tends to consist of standing inside the casino, accepting cash and selling slots. Unlike other casino employment, slot counters are usually paid through cash, usually around $5/player per

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