What jobs make the most money in Las Vegas? – Online Blackjack Real Money Live Dealer

And what jobs make the most money for the local economy?

Let’s run through a quick rundown.

The Top 100 Highest Paying Jobs

While some people are working in construction and agriculture, most jobs in the industry are at the base, including food service, hotel, manufacturing, landscaping and maintenance.

Below is a list of the 100 highest paid jobs that pay most. Not all local employers must offer these positions, but they do make the most as they account for the vast majority of the jobs in Las Vegas.

100. Hotel Operator/Operator/Assistant/Apprentice (Job Number: 11)

Job Description: The hotel industry in New York City is experiencing a renaissance thanks in part to the new high-end hotels built during the Gilded Age. Since 2006 over 1,700 new hotels have opened, bringing in more than $4.1 billion in revenue for the region. At the same time, this has created opportunities for several hotel-related occupations who work in the industry as both hotel operators and maintenance workers.

What It Pays: Average annual wage: $56,250

Most jobs in this field also offer benefits, which can contribute to the low salary at the bottom of this list. Some hotels, such as the Grand Hyatt, allow their employees to take care of their own health care when needed by having a room service employee visit the patient, but there is no such option for employees at the bottom. Even at the highest paying hotels, workers earn more than $52,000 annually, nearly twice the minimum wage (a mere $15,040 in 2011).

100. Food Service Manager/Cashier (Job number: 10)

Job Description: Food service managers and cashiers operate the kitchens and serve meals at restaurants and bars.

What It Pays: Average annual wage: $49,980

There are a handful of restaurant managers, and more than two thirds of food service job openings involve food service jobs, but a full-time job at the top of the list is a long ways from being the highest paid in the field. Some jobs offer benefits and may even be unionized. The average annual salary for food service managers and cashiers in 2011 stood at $48,200.

100. Security Guard/Security (Job number: 9)

Job Description: Security guards and guards in other security occupations generally carry out job-related duties, such as patrolling on the street, at

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