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It’s in Beijing.

I’m a business entrepreneur, one of the richest people in the world. I own a billion dollar business, which has now become one of the largest in the world. And my name is on it because I am successful.

And now I am running for president. But I am also, I mean, because I am a business-woman who is running for president, now my name is listed.


So that is the case with me being the largest business owner on this planet, the only one that is still active or has any interest in running my enterprise is my company, the one that is one of the largest manufacturers. And therefore, my name is on the list.

My name is not on the list because my only interest remains, it’s in running the country.

RADDATZ: Senator Sanders on his tax returns and his wife’s.


RADDATZ: Senator Sanders on Donald Trump and his tax returns and his wife’s. Let me ask you about that a little bit. The tax returns are a fundamental thing for every candidate. You haven’t released one.

You’ve said there will be. We’ll see what happens.

Are you going to release one?

SANDERS: We’ll see what happens.

In the first place, the Republican tax cut plan is not a major priority for me. It’s not a major priority.

The only area I have an interest in is my family’s business, Wall Street and all of those corporations and what happens in the stock market.

On taxes, there is nothing that I care about more than helping working people and doing what they do every single day — making $15 an hour going into their community.

Now that is going to have to be done through a Democratic Congress if we are going to have meaningful and effective economic growth, $15 an hour an hour, if Congress doesn’t do it.

So we may have some differences on the specifics of how to go about that, but we’re going to focus on those things.

RADDATZ: All right, thanks, Bernie Sanders. We’ll see how that works out.

Let’s go to a new ABC News/Washington Post question on the economy now, and we’re going to move on to our Democratic debate next.



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