Which casino game has the best odds? – Online Live Roulette Australia

Casino poker: $1.35 to 1.35 BetOnline: 2.3 percent to 3.3 percent

What other gamblers are saying: “I am so glad I found my casino app and used it.”

Hockey (and video) dice: $1.50 to 1.50 BetOnline: 2.3 percent to 3.3 percent

What other gamblers are saying: “I’m going to take a shot at one this evening.”

A new smartphone app that predicts your score and whether to bet or not has the highest win percentages since 2011, according to the company it was acquired by.

The service, called Betsalot, uses machine-learning algorithms to assess an audience’s probability of winning based on the odds. It can be used for all game types to determine whether to bet on a particular game or not, says CEO Mark Loh.

“We have over 10,000 casino slots, including the one in Vegas,” says Loh, a former gaming industry executive.

The company charges a two percent bonus on top of other casino fees if you’re in the top five percent or more of the odds. For example, if you’ve won $13 in a bingo game, you’ll only get a $2 bonus after the game is played.

“You need all those bonus points to have a meaningful impact on the outcome of your game,” he says.

If you’re lucky, you might win some cash or a percentage of your winnings – though you’ll typically never know unless you try Betsalot.

“The reason they’ve paid me so much money is that they see me as a player that may have an impact on the outcome of the game,” Loh says. You might have won $500 but get no cash or a $200 payoff.

As always, you can access the Betsalot app by downloading it from iTunes or Google Play.

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