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Roughly 25 percent of Americans say they support legalized gambling in states with strong support. A large majority of Americans support increased funding for drug treatment and rehabilitation programs — which are not funded at all in states with laws against gambling — as well as for legal medical marijuana. An even larger majority agrees that more states should allow home schooling, though not for religious reasons.

The poll also found overwhelming support for legalizing recreational marijuana in the United States, including a majority of Democrats, independents, Republicans, and those younger than 30. Americans are split over whether marijuana should be regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

In this June 12, 2008, file photo, North Korea’s President Kim Jong Il makes remarks during a meeting by the Central Committee of the Workers of the Korean People’s Party. (AP)

For the third time in less than a week, North Korea has launched rockets into the sea off its coast. This time, they were two, apparently intended for a launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

But the two launches are not the same thing. As the New York Times reported Saturday, the first launch took place Tuesday and the second, as we now know, took place Thursday. Both were fired from the area where the U.S. and Japan are located.
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In fact, some experts said they have yet to detect any signs of life from the two rockets and they might not be able to do so for a couple of days.

It’s been reported that the two launches were actually the work of one person — an engineer at the North Korean missile program, according to the Times. In fact, the two rockets used this same exact design in order to have them fit together for launch.

But one rocket is more sophisticated than the other. And it was launched not from the East Asian country that the Times reports has a population of about 25 million, but from a small city on China’s northeast coast — where it could only reach the coast by flying some 700 kilometers.

That rocket was launched with a single satellite, the same satellite used to launch the two other ICBM rockets launched on Tuesday and Thursday. That is no coincidence.

“It is not unusual or unusual for someone at the top of the missile program to fly them several times so that they can improve quality and precision of their launches,” said Dr. Jeffrey Lewis of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

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