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“The richest gambler in the world is gambling with his money,” says Gary Taubes, a professor at MIT and the author of “Gambling, Insanity, and Moral Choice.” But the answer he gives is not that the most expensive player isn’t the most valuable one (there are exceptions, such as poker players who play cards at a high rate but win as few as a half a dozen times a year).

Instead, the question Taubes asks is a bit more complicated: What determines the richest gambler’s net worth?

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One simple, easy answer is that the player has a lot more money than a lesser player. A lot of that income derives from playing a lot of big money games (think poker, roulette and even roulette), plus the amount you get from taking advantage of free money or buying other people’s winning hands. Plus, you have to play in the biggest and most lucrative tournaments — and these tournaments are all about the big money. You could also argue that by getting a lot of these big money hands you also attract other, less productive players who need hands that give them the chance to win big. That’s a reason why some players can be so successful, according to Taubes.

This is an easy conclusion to draw since big money tournaments are dominated by the most famous players. It should be noted that Taubes does not deny that some players might play well but not well enough, as a way of drawing opponents out of the tournament. Also, players who win tournaments might not win as many hands, or maybe not even win enough hands for them to win money — they are probably out for fun.

The answer to the question of whether a more valuable opponent is more costly to you isn’t simple. You need to know more about why a player is getting so many of the big money hands he does. Most of you probably already know this.

You also know that most opponents are better than you at big money games, but some can be too good or too greedy. They might even get so many big hands that they end up drawing opponents out of the tournament because they are too good at big money playing. Sometimes, players have the skill of being a “sucker,” which makes them extremely frustrating and often drives opponents out of tournaments.

You may also know that in the big money tournament that you are in, you have to play against the best players as well as the best non-players and the best players as well as the best non-

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