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A new poll released with the release of the new State of the Union has us all in a festive frenzy, because we’re going to see how the two parties deal with the budget. Which one of these two would you rather have on the White House door step?

And here’s the new chart showing how bad and what the GOP is doing with its message.

The new poll has the Democrats up by 14 points. A week ago, they were down by two points and this week’s poll has them at 32 points up. Even if you ignore the results of last night’s debate, Republicans are clearly better positioned at this point in the season to win the Presidency and control both Houses.

The new poll is just one item in its comprehensive polling. It doesn’t even look good for the GOP if you ignore all of the other political news for a second. That includes Hillary Clinton’s collapse on the campaign trail. It means that even if Republicans continue to fall further behind in the polls, things may look up for the Democrats next year.

So just how many Republicans would vote for their party if the economy is strong and the House and Senate seats are not under the control of some other Democrat? We don’t really know, because even if we did we would still have to keep in mind that Democrats will most likely lose the presidential race this summer. At this point it looks like Clinton just could get back into it.

If you want to compare the new poll to the old one, here’s a chart showing them for a year before the 2016 election:

That’s a dramatic shift for both parties, a complete departure from the last election. Republicans have been in a perpetual funk for quite a while now. That’s all the more reason why we want to check this new poll out.

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