Can woodworking be profitable? – Woodwork Small Business Ideas

It is a complex question. To answer it, we need to establish the relevant facts on both sides.

While we need to consider and balance a myriad of factors, we cannot ignore the reality that the wood industry continues to be a cash-flow negative.

We do not yet know whether this will continue to be the case, nor do we have a firm estimate of the costs associated with developing wood products and making purchases. In addition, we do not have accurate, up-to-date statistics regarding the size of the industry.

While we need accurate information, it should be noted that the wood industry is an open industry and will continue to evolve over time, and that it will be dependent on a growing number of players.

What is certain is that we are dependent on a market base of consumers or consumers who make their buying decisions based on the merits of the available wood.

It is clear that wood can be a source of income. However, this income is not as profitable as it was in the past. According to Woodworks, the industry is expected to grow to $3.9 billion by 2019 (assuming sales of $12.5 billion). If we assume that wood prices remain constant over the next five years (we should see wood at about $2.40 per ton in this scenario), then the industry will continue to grow.

However, wood has a limited market share in the USA. In 2015, 2.5 million Americans made less than $20,000 annually. In addition, the largest segment (about 10% or $1.1 trillion) is comprised of consumers who spend about $50,000 annually.

Even if this market is not fully saturated in terms of volume, it is still not large enough to allow the industry to earn an income. It would seem that wood still remains a niche product.

For an example of how this might be true, assume the price of wood had doubled over the past five years.

In 2013, approximately $200 billion in timber was harvested worldwide. This represented approximately 4% of global timber-based exports.

If we double the amount harvested, the total value of imported wood goes up to $320 billion. This represents a 29.5% increase in total exports. In this case, it could be noted that the wood industry continues to represent only a small part (2%) of the current global supply chain.

Another way to make this calculation is to assume that wood is

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