Can woodworking be profitable? – Woodworking Business Cards

How do you make it work? Are the tools really worth it? It might be that this is a good time to read and take notes on the basic elements of woodworking as described here (and here for more). And if you decide that you simply don’t want to do this part of your woodworking journey, and still want it done, do yourself a great favor and learn about making money with woodworking from the beginning .
As a preface, the first section is in a way a general introduction to the different methods you can use for your woodworking projects. Each method has it’s pros and cons, and it’s all a matter of how you want to approach them . So if you simply don’t want to read any more, take a note of that section and get some peace of mind by knowing what’s coming next: woodworking. Also, keep in mind that I will be talking about the woodworking methods as a whole, since they are different ways to approach the same issue. So if you want to hear about some other ways to think about woodworking, or read further on in the article, you should skip ahead to that article first, and then come back to this section.

You should know at least what I mean about the basic elements of woodworking, before deciding to follow any particular method. As you’ve already read from the introduction above, it’s a common misconception to assume that woodworking takes any special discipline, and that it has to be hard, technical, and take months or years to learn; that you need a master to do it; that a special woodworking machine can’t perform it; that it’s just a hobby. But as you can imagine, it’s quite possible with a little bit of learning about the materials and some patience, as well.
That said, I recommend that you give all the basics a try, and that you at least play around with them and learn what’s possible. You may find that you can make your own tools for your projects if you’re lucky, or learn how to make things from the original objects and you can then apply them to other projects—even if they look different or require different tools.
The idea is to learn by doing. I’ve also learned a lot about the woodworking world through my experience, and now I see much of the same issues and problems in myself (and my projects) as I have on the woodworking world . My interest is just as broad as the woodworking world, just as I have more experience

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