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In this episode of Build to Sell, we examine the long-term viability of woodworking! As new techniques become more prevalent in the marketplace, we will examine how much woodworking can be profitable.

Topics covered include:

The importance of wood as a building material

The difference between commercial grade lumber and home depot lumber

What’s the minimum amount of lumber you need and whether that is sustainable?

The amount of work required to make a house

The value of furniture versus the value of a cabin

Building on reclaimed wood

How to build large timber structures

The value of a commercial-grade lumber
7 Ideas For A Woodworking Business

Building to sell a home

How much can you build a house for?

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We recently got to see what it’s like to make a mobile game on the go, and while there were some challenges ahead, the results were pretty impressive. You might not have a full-time team when building a mobile game, but a few friends will help you make a solid, successful game.

PepsiCo is taking the wraps off its new $15 billion acquisition of India’s No. 1 soft drinks brand JBL Global

PepsiCo is taking the wraps off its new $15 billion acquisition of India’s No. 1 soft drinks brand JBL Global

The brand, which has been owned by Pepsi (NYSE:PEP) for 16 years, is in the throes of a brand refresh as the beverage business continues to struggle under the pressure of cheaper competition from high-end brands. Despite its name, JBL doesn’t have a soda water of its own.

“We look forward to working with PepsiCo and we are committed to growing JBL’s global community of consumers and providing them with exceptional offerings,” Indian brand ambassador Raghavendra Jha said in a statement.

JBL CEO Ashok Choudhary recently took over the reins in place of current CEO Ajay Singh.

JBL’s current market share is about 18%.

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