Can you make money selling furniture on Etsy? – Best Home Woodworking Business Ideas

For all those who think it’s a scam:

You are a scammer.

And this whole “making money from your furniture” game you play does not exist.

You are the scammer. You are trying to sell furniture that you don’t own.

You are trying to exploit the Etsy seller community, the Etsy community is a wonderful, friendly community. I work at Etsy and the people I interact with every day have been wonderful to me. Their support is always helpful, they help me by answering my questions. They want to help. They support each other.

But you are trying to build a business where there is none.

For all those who see yourself as something:

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A businessperson seeking to sell items that they own, while others can use their furniture and sell whatever they want,

You are a scammer. I would hate to trade with you in real life, you are using deception to get what you want and you are making me uncomfortable.

Your business model is NOT sustainable. You are NOT making money, you are using “purchase money” (the “money”) to get the furniture you are looking for.

You are using Etsy’s “free” payment process, not to pay for the item but to pay for yourself, because, after all, you are using your own “temptation.”

And I will not use my Etsy shop to buy anything!

My shop is about my love for my family, my work, my community, my community and everything we share in our life; if I can’t have what my children enjoy from my shop, then Etsy, the Etsy community and the people I interact with on Etsy will all suffer.

This is what I will do: I will not buy from you on Etsy or Etsy sellers.

Instead, I will buy from my local store and buy what I desire from my neighbors to have fun with.

I will not offer for sale or recommend items that have been made, by people in my community.

I will not recommend items that were made by people with whom I am acquainted or have similar passions. Also, I will not buy items from vendors under the name of my Etsy store.

Also, I will not pay for items under a name that I have not created or that my neighbors have never heard of you.

I will not sell items that have been designed, built, assembled or fabricated in my

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