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No. I don’t have that much money, but I do make an effort to buy more wood at thrift stores, or buy items at auction.

Marijuana legalization campaigns have seen a steady stream of polling numbers since voters passed the state’s medical marijuana reforms in 2012. But while the issue of marijuana regulation remains highly contentious, some have sought to shift the focus to the tax burden.

State tax experts have been predicting higher sales through 2020, but for the most part, those promises have proven unfounded. The latest study from the California Public Policy Institute found that after the election, marijuana taxes are expected to only grow by around $150 million a year.

So what makes cannabis tax collections worse than expected?

According to Chris Megerian, executive director of the Institute, marijuana dispensaries have become popular destinations that attract the attention of drug cartels. His survey found that for the first time, more customers are coming to dispensaries that are less likely to tax. Megerian noted that marijuana sales in California are nearly double that of other states that have legalized marijuana, meaning that some dispensaries are now competing for dollars with pharmacies.

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Some have tried to quantify an accurate amount of tax collected by weed businesses. The Center for Investigative Reporting surveyed the U.S. Department of Justice, and it found that taxes generated from retail marijuana and hemp growing are equivalent to 10,000 grams of high-grade pot. That figure is based on the federal government’s 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) of 10,091 Americans ages 12 and older, which found that 6.8 percent of adults reported having tried cannabis in the past year, with 14.3 percent stating that they currently smoked marijuana. The report noted that the figure could be inflated due to the difficulty of counting users.

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Appendix: Part 1: The Effects of Alcohol on Spinning and Spinning Efficiency

We describe the effects of alcohol on the spindle and spinning efficiency of a spindle. Our findings are compared with known factors that determine spindle spin rates, such as the load on the spindle and the speed of the spindle.


The spindle is the hub on a spinning disk. It is connected by the center contact to the axle of the gear assembly. The contact between spindle and rotor at the axial end is called the contact surface

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