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You could get started with the woodworking program I designed: The Woodworking Basics. This program helps you learn all the basic tools you’ll need from our woodworking curriculum. You’ll learn how to make the basic shapes with the joinery tools and then learn the next tools you’ll need for the rest of our collection.

Our catalog makes this program accessible to anyone at any level of ability. All you need is a pencil and paper: No computer needed!

How do I print the catalog?

Your printable catalog is now available online! Download the printable Catalog to your laptop, tablet or eReader and print it out.

What kind of woodworking tools are included?

In addition to the tools for our collection, you’ll find the following basic woodworking tools:

Pilot Square: This type of square is used to shape the finished pieces. The pilot square can also be used to drill a hole for rivet placement or a joint to hold a panel together.

Drill: This simple tool is used to make square holes in a board, which allows the wood to be cut more accurately.

Cut-off: This is used to cut out small pieces and to cut them in length. This tool is also helpful to test dimensions if needed and also makes a great tool for testing the shape of a panel or board.

Marker: With this tool, you can mark wood with a specific depth or a shape.

Chisels: This set of tools includes:

Saw: This is a heavy-duty woodworking saw that holds up to 150 square inches of wood.

Chisel: This is a lightweight, sharp, multi-purpose chisel that holds up to 12 square inches of wood.

Flat-head: This heavy-duty saw fits up to 80 square inches of wood.

Dremel: This is our most popular design for hard-to-reach areas. A Dremel is a precision chisel with a head that can cut with extreme precision.

Wood Comb: Combines power with precision. This is our most popular tool. It also creates a perfect balance of cutting power and cutting speed with every stroke.

Chop Saw: A power tool that produces the perfect amount of angle for cutting both straight and curved pieces.

Sanding Fluid: This cutting fluid has all of the great features of hand sanding with a higher cut-off wheel

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