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It’s time for another installment of the Top 50 Prospects who Could Make an Impact in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. I’m not going to get caught up in the hype, as it’s all over by the way. I’m merely trying to lay some ground work for those who follow on Twitter and the internet, to make informed and well-informed choices in what to spend next season on their prospect boards.

Last year the list was filled with players who, while having the potential to be top six defencemen on their teams, all ultimately fell out of the draft. The list included players who were given a chance to show what they could do with a few more months of development at the NHL level. This year there was still a fair amount of hype, but also quite a lot of players who were given a chance to show what they had and a lot of players who ended up falling to the back end of the first round.

There are players all over the league who could fill those last two spots here, and this gives us a good chance to give you my top 50. They’ll be ranked at a different order because there are two or three players who might be able to do a lot more, and there may be two in a row in the top 40. If a player doesn’t have the same type of offensive ceiling as one of the last two, they won’t be very noticeable.

So without further ado, here, the Top 50.

The NHL Draft: June 27th 2016 Picks 1-30: (From last year)

1. Jake Virtanen, Defence

It’s hard to talk about Jake Virtanen without talking about the fact that he went to Utica in the OHL Priority Selection. A lot of it being the fact that he was in Utica while all the players taken at #27 picked other parts of the top 6 from the NHL. For Virtanen, he’s a very good defenceman for his age and the way he plays the game. He uses his long reach to close gaps in front of him and get the puck out of the zone quickly.

He can move the puck quickly out of danger and in transition, and is an adept play maker. Virtanen shows great instincts for the game, as well as good stick handling skills and mobility as well as a strong wrist shot. He

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