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There are several ways to build a table saw that can do the job without a table saw. If you can’t find a way to build the saw with a table saw, you can either build a table stand or build any other type of construction.

The most common way to build a table saw is with a frame. This is the simplest way to go – the table saw is already built in your garage or yard. It only takes a screwdriver and you put the table together! You can even construct a frame to hold up your tablesaw and the other tools you’ll need, just take several strips of plywood and attach them directly to the end of the table.

I have heard a lot of success stories where a builder built a table at least a decade ago to use as a table saw, but has gone on to use it for something else later in life. They built their table and used it for everything…from building a tool box to building a home studio!

Many folks choose to build the table stand or build the other construction instead of using a table saw – just take the time to build your construction if you can’t find the time or have too many other needs. For more detail of the design, refer to Building a Table Saw on YouTube or read “How to Build an Offset Table Table” on the How-To Geek. You can even modify a table saw, and build some special features! Click the picture to see an example of a modified table saw!

How do I find a frame shop near me that sells frames?

I recently did a search for my frame shop in order to find frame shops in the Pittsburgh area. However, there are quite a few frameshops that have locations near me, but don’t offer frame service. I’m not sure what the reasons are for this – maybe for convenience or the fact that they are not frame shops that offer table saw services.

I was lucky though because I found a frame shop in Pittsburgh that sells the frame I needed for my table saw, and my shop manager even showed me how to use his service. Click on the picture to get to the shop!

What frame sizes can you use for my table saw?

Although not recommended for all types of woodworkers, I do find a few types of wood that I can make tables out of. Here are the wood species that I use. In order to make a frame for a table saw, you’ll need to order them.

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