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¬∂ The table saw is a great way to cut straight lines; it’s also pretty good at chopping around curves, if you take the time to learn how to do things right to get a more precise cut. You’ll need to use a piece of sturdy tape to hold a piece to the table, like this: [See here for a demonstration of how to use an 8 x 12 piece of plywood.] If you’re not using wood, you can use this table saw for cutting paper: You can use a miter saw for cutting a wide swath of wood: [See here for assembly instructions.]

If you have a table saw, you can now cut a 3/4 in thick piece from the table. If you have some wood to cut down for a table, it should at least be 4 ft long; you could cut it in sections as long as 2 ft long if you wanted. Cut the pieces down into the desired section length, and then cut the wood to length with a table saw. The wood is cut to your table length, so that by the time you get to the part that’s not cutting into the table, it’s already a long piece. It is now ready for joinery, but the table isn’t perfectly straight. You can use the table to push your wood into the rest of the table for joinery, or you can hold it in place with some scrap pieces from your workbench. For this part of the assembly, we’ll want a slightly different approach with the table. Instead of pressing our wood into the rest of our workbench, you can use the table as the base for the joinery. [See here for a video explaining this technique.]

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Assembly and Layout¬∂ Don’t forget that the table isn’t straight yet. To attach the table to a worktop, you’ll need to screw it in and to glue. Before we do that, however, we’ll want to check the dimensions of our workbench. Measure your workbench, put an angle on it and use that info to build your layout. For the front of the workbench, measure about 12″, and add 2″ to the length of your table. You can leave off the 1/2″ edge, of course. Next is the back of your bench. Measure 3″ longer than your workbench.

Next we need our table. Measure about 7″ longer than your workbench, and add 1 1/8″ to the length of the table. To make it a little longer, add

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