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If you need a table saw, you will need some time to set this up. You can put a wooden stand along the path to keep your equipment from falling if you need to stand, but if you move it the rest of the time, you will need to replace an extended belt that is mounted on the fence. This table saw requires four nuts on the legs, one on each side (two nuts are for the right leg) and one on the left leg if that leg is attached to the end of the body. The belt can be removed and replaced if needed (see photo below). A 4″ X 4″ X 4″ piece of lumber will not work, because it is too thick and will not fit between the legs at the fence. You will also need a fence with no loops.

To get rid of the screws holding the fence to the wood, a hole saw can be used to remove the screws.

You also need a hole saw to remove the screw. You’ll have to cut two pieces of wood, and then cut two more pieces using a jigsaw blade to get to the ends of the two pieces. A hammer and a pair of square razors are needed to make sure the hole fits through both pieces. The table saw is a great tool for this task.

You will need to use one of the longer screw-like devices, and install these in such a way that the screw goes in the center of the body at the head of the fence. With the wood removed, remove this device by removing any piece that touches the metal bar on the bottom of the fence. The screw will just come loose. You can easily do that and the screw will come out of the body.

Now, you will attach a piece of steel to the metal rod at the fence. If you don’t have access to a table saw, simply use a router to straighten out the angle at the top of the fence. This method is a little finicky and takes some experimentation to get right. The advantage of this method is that it has a much shorter delay than the traditional assembly method above- you must wait until the end of the second stage (cutting up the wood) of the fence is completed.

With the metal rods attached, slide the other metal rod out from the center of the body and down the inside of the fence. Then remove either the right or left leg of the fence. Slide the right leg back in place to fix the steel rods.

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