How do I sell my wood projects? – Woodworking Business Salary

You can make a purchase on Etsy – we sell most of our wooden projects in our “Wood Project” shop.

It’s easy to get started on your wood project – just click the “Start Your Wood project” button.

The shipping costs for this listing are calculated as follows: For single items, it is $6 to ship, $8 for 2-pack, $9 for 3-pack, $11 for 4-pack, $13 for 5-pack, $14 for 6-pack, and $16 for 7-pack. You receive free shipping when you have more than 10 item(s) in your cart and the items are already on the platform. If a package is oversized, it will cost $23 to ship up to 10 items, $28 to ship up to 12 items, and $42 to ship up to 14 items. You may opt to have a flat $5 flat rate shipping for any or all orders.

You can use the links below to create your item inventory on Etsy by adding them to your cart and clicking “Add to Cart”.

*NOTE*: If you wish to have your item listed on our Etsy Store you must add the items to your cart before placing your order!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally via Standard Shipping.

What types of colors does your wood project come in?

All wood and metal projects are in stock on our gallery wall. We can make a wide variety of wood projects, and will make whatever you want for any style. You can view our wood projects by clicking on “Wood/Metal projects”.

What type of custom orders do you offer?

We are available for full custom orders – you can see some examples of such custom projects here:

How many pieces of wood do you create?

As for wood, we can make as many pieces as we like without exceeding 10 items in our production line. We have over 200 pieces in our production line. However, we need 10 of the wood pieces for each of our custom items so if you need 10 of something, then you can order multiple pieces of the same piece.

Can my project be part of a larger project?

Yes and no – many people prefer to create small to medium sized items. However, this will require us to order additional furniture pieces and the amount of pieces needed to create such a large

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