How do I start a small woodworking shop? – Woodworking Business For Sale Wisconsin Dells

If you’re ready to start building your very own woodworking shop, we’ve provided you with everything you need for the process. Start exploring the various options below.

How Much Does a Woodworking Shop Retail?

The cost to build your very own woodworking shop ranges anywhere from about $300 to $1,000, and the best estimate we’ve found from real shop builders is $900 to $1,100. This is for materials and labor costs alone ($800 for tools, $700 for power source, and $700 for the actual shop), but the actual prices vary widely.

While the prices to build a small shop can be quite high, if you’re looking to get started building a shop for yourself, you’ll find that the pricing is reasonable. And you can build a shop for less than one-hundredth the price of a traditional shop.

The most expensive project we’ve seen is an $800 workshop you can build with just sandpaper and an old pair of scissors, and even this is only going to get you up to about four feet square!

Here are some more details about where and how much you will spend on things to start building your very own woodworking shop.

We’ve listed out the lowest-priced options available at a variety of places (e.g. woodshops, craft stores, hardware stores, and big box and discount stores), and you can find a detailed guide to finding the best prices by browsing the prices list below.

A Note on Woodworking Tools

There are several different types of woodworking tools that you will need. Many of these tools will set you back a little more, but are essential to the operation of your woodworking shop, especially when dealing with small sections or even entire projects.

Here’s a general list of the types of woodworking tools you’ll need in building your own home shop.

Eco-friendly Options

With the amount of wood you’re going to be working with, you’ll probably want to get as eco-friendly as you can. It’s easy to get fooled into thinking that all woodworking tools are environmentally destructive or even dangerous when it comes to their use. But this is not always the case.
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There are a variety of woodworking tools that meet a host of criteria, including safety, durability, ease of use, and more, and you will have some of each type at your disposal for your DIY woodworking shop.

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