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Furniture factories in the UK make around £10billion, while the UK retail industry has a turnover of £10trillion.

The figures for Ireland follow the emergence of a major furniture manufacturing industry in Ireland in the 1960’s, with over 500,000 jobs created, in particular in the furniture manufacturing industries of Dublin.

It is now an example of successful manufacturing across the Channel and has now grown to 1,500 strong, and is still relatively small relative to the UK.

The figures for Ireland are compiled by the Irish furniture industry association, the FMC, on its latest report for 2013.

The average earnings for an Irish worker are approximately £12,000 – just below the UK average – whereas workers in the UK can expect to earn more than €20,000.

The report states that the key difference in manufacturing and retail sectors, is that the main focus of most Irish manufacturing is on furniture – as this was originally a more lucrative market.

A number of factors determine job opportunities in FMC. For example, the number of employers is down to the fact that FMC has been growing at a rapid rate since its inception in 2007. It currently employs 8,000 workers in Ireland.

The FMC reports that the cost of living is also important – most furniture manufacturing operations are based or run out of Ireland, so are not dependent on high cost of living in the UK.

“The FMC is growing and the economic outlook for Ireland is better than in the UK, and for the future,” said FMC president, Frank Byrne. “Ireland is still a popular place to build furniture.”

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The FMC has been working towards these figures, having published its own report in July.

The FMC also states that FMC has always been an employer committed to providing secure jobs for its workforce and that it is continuing to develop its employment relations to allow more flexibility in hiring and contract terms for the workforce.

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