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A lot. To start, the shop itself has to be big enough so that you can work in two hours without stopping. To keep things simple, you’re not building a lot here, but if you work with plywood, wood studs, wood blocks, or any other material, your working area is smaller because you’ll only need about three-fourths of floor area, and that’s only if you’re not using a table saw to cut away some of the wood’s edge. Even if you have the floor cut off, it still needs to be wide enough to fit the cutting table. If you use a router, it will take the square-shaped piece of wood and fit into it by cutting out the entire width of the table and laying it down flat to the floor.

If you plan on using plywood, it’s best to first start by removing the rough edge from under it. Using a knife, carefully remove the flat part of the end grain, which is the middle part of the part of wood that is not cut away. Then place the plywood on a flat surface with the smooth surface in the back and your table saw mounted on top, cutting away the rough part of the wood and making a new cut from the back to the front.
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If you’re thinking you need more room, it’s probably because there’s a lot of wood here. You can either place three large pieces of wood that measure the same size together, or you can put them on a table with lots of space in the front. Then put some plywood around one end of the tables and one end of the backs of the boards, using some type of wood glue or glue gun, and set it to dry.

If you’re not thinking that it’s going to be too much space, but you also want to be able to work efficiently in your shop, you’ll need a little more room in the back since you’re using less than half of the room inside. To do this, you want to have some plywood on the back along the edges of the table and in the back-most shelves, and other pieces of plywood set up on the tables with the rough edges off. Now take some wood studs and place one along the back edge of the wood. This will help you measure the space that you’ll need. Remember that this is only for the one-third of the front of the shop that you can’t use a table saw to cut away pieces of the end grain.

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