Is selling handmade furniture profitable? – How To Start A Small Carpentry Business

There are several reasons why we sell to people outside of the United States:

We have a unique concept in the online furniture/furniture wholesale business.

We are the only international wholesale online furniture/furniture retail business.

We can sell to a bigger market. You’ll be surprised by the demand we see from other countries outside US.

Your local furniture/furniture online store just isn’t competitive.

It’s a small, small business and we like it that way. We have a very small team of 5. Our team members are all incredibly independent (and happy to work for you). Many of our business decisions are taken by our team members themselves. We don’t rely on a marketing budget, and we don’t get any financial compensation or perks from our customers. We have a goal to be the best online furniture/furniture retailer on the web. Every day we try to be better. We just hope other small, independent retailers can follow our lead.

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The left will often argue that they are victims of this alleged “right

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