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For me in the trades are a lot of things: I make booksets for books and bookshelves…you know the thing where there are two shelves of books on one side of a shelf? Well, in the woodworking world we’ve got the table saw, the wood plane, and the sawing table. And we’ve got the table saw, the table plane, and the router. And I thought about how the table saw, the table plane, the sawing table, and all those tools all relate to one another, and if those tools can be used together we could develop an incredible woodworking business here in Vermont.”

So how is your business doing so far?

“We’ve been so far up the road, so in the end, we’ve been the very first woodworking business based in VT. Now, the woodshop business is also really a very young one in Vermont, and we’re still sort of in our infancy. But people here, I think, really appreciate the woodworking community, and I think in a way that’s great to have an example of it to the world.”

Who are your customers?

“We have three different kinds of customers. The first is the professional customers, people that want to have a nice experience, they want the exact items that we’ve built. And, the second is the customer that comes to me here and wants to learn about woodworking. And the third is the people that come in and don’t have plans but want to learn some, you know, maybe use a little bit and get some experience in. And, we’re the customer for all the three of those groups.”

What’s the most popular part of your shop, in your opinion?

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“My customers, as long as they’re customers, they’ll enjoy that. I enjoy the interaction with them, and I enjoy the learning from them.”

What’s the one advantage of your shop over your competitors?

“Well, I like my employees. The ones that are there, you never know what’s going to happen. And, I like knowing that there are other hardworking people here, that are as much a part of the operation as the workers I was trying to keep up there.”

So is there a story you’d like to share?

“Actually, my wife got sick several years ago. I knew that she needed an operation. And, I just didn’t know what was going to happen. And, she

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