Is woodworking a trade? – Woodworking Business Advice

How does a woodworker build tools, join parts, and build furniture. What is the difference between a machine, a toolmaker, & a woodworker?

When it comes to building, construction, and the like we can choose a trade. A machine is someone who uses a machine to make tools or assemble items. A toolmaker uses a tool to build. A woodworker uses hand tools to build. What are those categories for me? Well, I started this guide by saying that you could also be a carpenter, a toolmaker, or a woodworker. I have made a trade in the past, and that trade has made you a great woodworker. So let us delve into the various trades that we have, and maybe if you have never taken a trade there or know none, we can expand an extra one or two categories in your head. So, we will start with machine and then move on to some other categories. In the video I will provide you with a brief description of each of those trades that you can do here.

So, let’s go into the “The Machine Trade”

A Machine Maker

A Machine is any person who uses machines to make things. I could be a woodworker and a machine making woodwork is a perfect hobby of mine.

I start by saying, the people who want to be a tool maker will most likely become a machine maker or tool maker first. It seems kind of odd that there are those that have a trade that is a machine. So let us explore what exactly is a machine tool? A machine is a tool that is designed to be used one person at a time. If you want to do something with it, you have to get out of that tool and do it. A machine tool will have some tools that it will work on for you and some which you have to select from. So here are some of those tools:

A lathe is a rotating lathe or mill that has the ability to mill at a speed of 100,000 RPM. Machine lathes that are 100,000 RPM are the most common because they were originally developed for milling small amounts of metal or wood. These machines have the capability of milling both metals and wood. Most of the lathes come from Chinese companies. Machine lathes are very expensive and often very heavy. You will get one type or another. It just depends. The most common is the “G” type. In the video I show you how to buy

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