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In today’s post I’m going to teach you how to build a working table saw from scratch and get it up and running from scratch. You’ll need a working saw and some basic carpentry techniques such as: 1) laying out the saw, 2) laying out the lumber, and 3) figuring out how to cut the lumber.

I’m going by my own experience in teaching woodworking and I’ll be using the very same materials and steps. I’ve done all the pieces and pieces of the saw. There’s nothing I’ve left out.

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So…how do you build one from scratch?

Materials required:

Masonry Work Flooring Wood Work Table Saw

Step 1: Lay out the saw

First cut the flooring (i.e., the floor boards) into two lengths and lay those two lengths out side-by-side. In this case I’ve used 2.5″ x 28″. Now I’m going to lay out the saw in a diagonal form and then cut the two lengths of flooring perpendicular to each other horizontally. You can do this with a level, a pencil, or whatever you think looks best. The point is to give me an “X” at each intersection and make cuts perpendicular to each other. There will be two of them.

Step 2: Lay out the lumber

Next, we’re going to cut the “center cutout” for the table saw blade. This can be done in any type of saw. It can be a table saw cut on a plane (I know my dad does this kind of work), a table saw that cuts flush (which would be my dad’s dad) or you can use a jig saw or a miter saw. I prefer to do them in my saw.

There’s a few ways to do it:

Use a miter saw Set up the saw properly Set up a miter saw cut on a table cutline Cut on a table cutline (but not the table) Set up the table saw on a miter saw set cutline Cut on a miter saw set cutline Cut on a table cutline Set up a saw set cutline (this can be a very expensive saw)

I usually use a miter saw and a table saw. Make sure you have a good set of tables out there that you can cut and use. You can save yourself some money if you buy something from a professional who will hold up their end of the contract

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