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You might be surprised by the following: In order to get your hands on an axe you have to pay $35,000 for a $75,000 axe that won’t be working for you for years.

For comparison’s sake, let’s also assume that you have access to a good enough toolset to be able to do a decent job of woodworking.

A simple axe will be able to take a few turns, but will not be able to perform any significant tasks unless the user has a very steady hand.

In the context of a typical day at the office, this is simply unacceptable. So for this reason the toolset is almost certainly going to be geared towards woodworking. At this point, the user’s ability to control a hand saw has also been removed and is likely to remain a major weakness of the system. In addition, the toolset is going to be far more expensive than what is needed for most woodworkers. When the user makes the jump to a woodworking environment in which the tools are far more important, the price of the toolset will rise. The user is probably also going to have a limited ability to save money and a large number of hours of work will be required by the user to make sure the toolset is right for the job. As a result, the toolset will most likely require the user to spend significant time and money on tools that have limited lifetime durability and should only last a few uses.

Now what would happen if the user could simply select a tool that is suited towards the job and would actually be able to do the task?

Most users, if they could afford one, would be likely to build themselves one. This is not only far cheaper, it is also far easier on the user because they wouldn’t have to be limited to using only two tools to get the job done.

The only caveat that would be presented here is that one can only have access to one of a handful of choices available.

In this case however, the user could actually select one that would be better suited for the job. The best hand saw out there for woodworking is probably a saw that has an integrated jig on top of the handle.

When someone says “it’s just a saw”, most likely they are referring to a saw that has the ability to jig around your workpiece. However a more appropriate term to describe this would be “a planer”. Planers have a planer-like system so that

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