Should I buy a table saw or miter saw first?

Some miter saws are built from the ground up with a single table and no saw horses or accessories installed. Instead, it’s all a set up that lets you make a table saw with as little as 18 lbs of tension. The advantage is no motor and virtually no moving parts. The downside is that you can probably go one better and be a bit more comfortable with a custom-built piece that you get from the manufacturer. You’ll have to find a miter saw that fits your budget and skills. The standard table saws are probably the toughest and most versatile ones on the market.

What types should I choose for this project?

In the case of a miter saw, you’ve got a variety of different options out there. Some models are built for cutting fabric, wood, or plastic, while others are built for making table or cabinet side-by-side projects. Here I’ll highlight a couple that work well for this project. The main reason to get a new saw is for the motor, which isn’t a great deal of cash in most cases. The other issue is getting the size that you need (to fit into the drawer or closet you’ll be using it in). Most makers and custom furniture makers will agree that you don’t want a saw that’s bigger than the thing you’re using as a table table.

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1) Miter Saw from

The best miter table saw I’ve seen is the one from It’s a lot of money, but it should last you all of your project’s life. The features of the Amazon miter saw are all about giving you control of a large space, making cutting more precise, and saving you weight. In addition, it’s a great saw for beginners who want to get into building miter tables. If you’re interested in what makes this piece so great, you can read all about it here.

2) Miter Saw from Shopify

Shopify offers several different versions of miter saws, but the top seller is the one from Shopify. All of the miter saws it sells are built as table saws—and while it says all versions are the same, for this project, one will suffice. The basic miter saw is a lot of fun to make, and the top two you’ll see pictured here are very light on motor and power.

3) Miter Saw from Harbor Freight

The Harbor Freight model is