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You can make a difference in your community by selling any handmade crafts that you make. You can make a difference for the people and animals in the community on small and large scale.

Most people know about “The Goodwill” and the number of “Goodwill Outlet” stores within a five-mile radius. There may be more Goodwill stores within an five-mile radius of your home or business. Goodwill and local retail stores sell a wide variety of items, including jewelry, clothing, food, household, home, craft and much more.

You may be aware of local Goodwill Outlets in your area. These stores sell a wide variety of merchandise and services.

There are also some Goodwill Outlet stores at the national level — see local organizations for details and locations. Goodwill stores may even have more products available online.
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If you are a wholesaler of items or a retail wholesaler, you have a lot of work to do. Goodwill has a large market that can be affected by any bad weather. To meet consumers’ needs, you must be able to supply a steady supply of goods in a short period of time. We need a wholesaler with a large retail sales force to handle this retailing work. A retailer of fine goods can be a great addition to the Goodwill experience.

The majority of products sold in Goodwill stores nationwide are made by people who have no way to pay other than by producing them at home with only limited materials and skills. These items are usually in small quantities (few, sometimes few pounds). Even the largest Goodwill stores are often few in number (one or two stores in every neighborhood). You may be able to sell a new shirt or new pants at a local Goodwill store or you may be able to sell something, maybe just new socks. It’s important to try to get as much of the items you can make as you can. It helps the local economy and promotes a positive image among consumers by making an item available to many people in a short period of time.

Goodwill stores are sometimes known as “hospitals for the poor.” They are places that get the homeless off of the streets and into homes of the working and poor. Many of the items sold at Goodwill stores are low-cost items that will help the homeless.

We all want to help the people in our communities. You don’t like the homeless? You would like to help the poor? I know people who

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