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A new study has found that an increase in the number of children being born to immigrant women in the U.S. may be linked to poorer academic achievement, according to a new report from the University of Kansas.
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In the study “An Economic Analysis of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Education Program Design in Texas,” Dr. Elisa Pérez-Pérez, research associate in U-L’s Department of Economics, and Dr. J. Stephen Durlauf, a Ph.D. student from the University of Texas at Austin and co-author of the paper, examined the impact of changing demographics in Texas.

“This is a fascinating study,” Dr. Durlauf said.

Policies such as Texas’s high-risk pregnancy program and parental involvement programs, which allow immigrant mothers to remain in the United States but give birth to more children, have been widely cited as reasons for the improvement of children’s academic achievement.

The authors evaluated each of the following policies in three different state studies: the “Interspecialized Clinical Trial Project” that enrolled 200 children between 1991 and 1992, the “Children’s Health and Development Program” that enrolled 200 children between 1991 and 1992, and the “Interspecialized Clinical Trial Project” that enrolled 210 children between 1995 and 2002.

The authors found that the number of births of children born to women who are immigrants from Mexico to the U.S. increased from 10% to 30% between 1993 and 2010, while the number of births of children born in the U.S. to foreign-born women decreased by 18%.

“The impact of these factors on children’s academic achievement is much higher if mothers are immigrants than if they are American born,” the authors wrote. “Our findings suggest that, at least in Texas, educational policies favoring high-risk pregnancy and the high-risk pregnancies offered by the health care system favor more immigrants over more native mothers.”

The researchers found that an increase in the population of children born to women who are immigrants is linked to a decline in the number of native children.

“This supports the view that the policies that favor immigrants are better for children since they are allowing children, who lack the benefits provided by the low-income U.S.-born population, access to the same educational and economic opportunities as American children with greater regularity,” the authors wrote.

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