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We don’t have a set policy about what you can or can’t advertise, but in order to make sure we’re giving you the benefits you’re entitled to we can’t allow your advertising to be seen by anyone else on the site.

Who gets paid?

The adverts are paid by the advertiser and the advertiser only gets paid to use the adverts once they’re published and the adverts will be removed from the site should you sell them to an email service.

I’ll always know who’s buying from me. Do I still owe money?

There’s no obligation for you to pay us as a commission for your adverts. If an advertiser is advertising you and you’re making an email subscription, you’re only responsible for the cost of sending them your adverts. If you’ve provided an email address where your adverts could be easily spotted, and the advertiser has not yet advertised you then they should be able to make up any money it’d cost you to send them your adverts.

If you have any problems with payments, please contact ad.support@dailyrecord.co.uk.

I have paid my email subscription through my bank account. Is that okay?
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If you’ve already bought an email account and your bank account’s been hacked and you’ve lost your email account or you’ve fallen victim to a phishing email scam, then your phone will still be protected by our secure communications system and all emails will continue to be protected under our terms of service.

You might find it useful for your business to be able to make payments through a banking transaction and you might also be interested in our credit card provider provider.

If you need to pay via a wire transfer, we won’t be able to provide security for your financial account.

I’ve lost my mobile phone and the phone is insured. Is that okay?

You can buy a new mobile phone through your bank and we’ll cover the cost of replacing your old phone with a new one. If the phone that you’ve purchased through your bank hasn’t been stolen the bank will pay you a replacement phone.

Do I have to pay for our email service?

Yes, you’ll have to pay for email subscription on our website via your bank’s fees.

I don’t have an email account and can’t set up an email account for myself. How do I go about setting up my own email account?

Email accounts

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