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Here at ShopBySmile we understand a business is a family business. It takes time to produce high quality, top quality items. Our customers are our number one priority, and we expect them to be loyal with us. When in doubt, we want to know as soon as possible – or if you’re not sure, simply call us at (847) 865-4449 to make a recommendation.

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Tiny P. is on the road to recovery from pneumonia. He can now eat what he likes, get a haircut, and get on a plane. Now that he was able to leave the hospital, he can return home — and spend his money and play with his four dogs as much as he wants on those days he doesn’t feel like eating.

P. is one of the most common and difficult cases of canine cough that physicians struggle with in an emergency department. It’s rare that a dog suffering from what’s known as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) ever leaves the emergency department, and even more rare that they’re successfully treated in the hospital.

But thanks to a patient-focused, online program (www.pymousepets.com), Tiny P. is no longer in the hospital and a family with two children that includes a dog trainer and a cat-keeper can enjoy the joy of petting their dog and watching him play with his friends.

P. has been a constant companion for the family since he became very ill shortly after an air-to-oral vaccination. Despite that, he remains “very sick and very pale,” the family writes on the site, which explains that Tiny P. has had “severe lung disease” and “severe respiratory problems.”

“He has had trouble breathing for the past week,” the family writes, adding that there is a 3½-inch cyst in his left lung — which was also enlarged in the vaccine-related virus, and also caused by the same influenza virus — that has yet to be removed.

A hospital doctor said the cyst can be removed through surgery, but Tiny P. has been reluctant to make that choice. “I don’t want to do it at all,” he’s said, which is why he has had to spend so much money for emergency health care that he might be unable to afford.

A patient

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