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This means you can take the knowledge you’re developing here, and put it to use. I’d recommend you use all of your skill sets – and even if you don’t, you’ll benefit tremendously from all of these things. Here are a few examples that show some of the kind of things you can do:

You can craft your own tools that add features – such as making your own tools, or making your own tools for selling. The only limit is your imagination. You can try to figure these things out – and try to sell them yourself through this process.

You can work on your skills in other areas, like computer programming or sales – but this is just a tool you can carry with you to sell your own stuff online.

You can work with other people who already own what you think you should get (or maybe better still, you can get someone who already owns what you think you should get – or maybe better still you can get a client – who might be interested).

You can sell ideas in your own voice – using only your own ideas and opinions. If you can get an idea to a person for sale, you’ve succeeded. Sometimes your idea sounds quite cool, sometimes it’s just a few ideas off the beaten path, but just try to sell it in your own voice – and see what kind of success you get!

I hope this is a helpful tool to anyone looking to build a blog or launch a product. If you are already getting started, I hope you found some of these suggestions to be useful. To be continued!

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