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I know everyone’s busy. I don’t want to be greedy. Just remember how to work hard, and find great opportunities. People are waiting for you, and they want to be successful. You might not work out in the gym. You might need $500,000 for a mansion.

Can I sell my home after I get married?

Yes, this can be done to some degree. Many couples can sell a home to make extra money quickly. The best way to do this is to get married young and build financial security while building up the real estate market.
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Can I sell things I don’t want to sell?

Anything you think you don’t want to sell could be sold. For example, you can sell items that have sentimental value, such as your clothes that you will never wear again.

Can I sell my possessions?

Yes, there is a legal way to sell your possessions, but it may cost you more than you thought. In California, if you sell “personal belongings,” it will cost $250,000 to make it profitable – and there is no return clause. In Maryland, if you sell “tangible personal property,” such as a car, you probably won’t earn enough to make the amount worthwhile to you.

Do I need to put my house up for a bidding war?!

Not necessarily. If there are no offers from two separate parties, then you aren’t legally obligated to get a bid. That’s the difference between your being legally obligated and “lucky.”

Can I sell a house before I’ve started building it?

Yes, this can be done, though it can take a long time. This is possible if you use an LLC or a limited liability company.

Do I need to have a mortgage or credit card?

A mortgage is just another term for putting cash down.

How do I get a good business plan?

You need an original business plan, business plans for several businesses, two or more of these, and if you use any of the following, your entire plan must be approved by the local property tax assessor, who must sign it.

• The names of both companies to be included

• The names of all the officers and the employees, even though they don’t work together at all

• A financial statement showing the total profits for each company

• A statement of liabilities for each company

• An employment agreement,

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