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The Craftsy competition has been a regular feature on Pinterest over the past year. Over the last two weeks (the first two weekends in August) over 80 million people on Twitter and 15 million people on Facebook have clicked through to Craftsy.

What will the biggest trend of the next five years be?

We’re hoping that the trend of digital craftsmanship will continue to push the boundaries of creativity and the products available. Craftsy will be adding new categories for artists as well as introducing new products like the hand-held waterjet printer.

What is your favorite piece so far?

This month’s winner is #3 with an image of a water jet that reads: “Make your own #Craftsy #WaterTruck.” It’s amazing how the digital landscape continues to evolve. This type of creative thinking has now become a standard for anyone using the internet and online community!

Who are your artists?

We have a small group of over 250 creatives that work on this site. We are very grateful to have this many people from across the United States!

Is there anything that makes being a craftsy artist unique?

The challenges we face are much the same as any other creative project – there’s no one right approach to creating something. Instead, we use a series of processes to achieve the same kind of vision we are talking about.

What is your favorite project to do right now?

Our favorite projects and inspiration are to make jewelry and clothing. We would also like to create something for everyone as opposed to merely the crafty types!

What are some of your top picks in terms of gear?

Here is a few highlights from our selection for our latest year-end lists:


The Mabel’s Craftsy collection is truly a reflection of the craft and creativity of those who produce what we sell at Mabel’s. Not only does that include a wide variety of yarns and cotton types, but with her unique weaving techniques that allow her to create things that are more than just a yarn or fiber. We loved all of the items in the collection, especially in color and pattern. We’ve been fortunate to work with Maggie’s at the helm of some of our other collections and she seems to be more then up for the challenge.


A few years ago Leah was the first to create her brand on Pinterest and it quickly became her identity. Leah began making

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