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I spoke with two fashion influencers from New York:

Bambolati from “The Style Police” and Kate’s favorite. Also her newest fashion company called, “Dancing with the Daughters,” which sells handmade costumes for young girls. Kate is working on a collection for this brand.

Roxy from “The Fashion Fix with Roxy Raye” and the most popular fashion blogger on the web. She often gets asked about trends and how to style them. She is also known for writing sexy fashion reviews. Her website is here.

This year as a gift to her fans, Kate gave a giveaway and shared a coupon.

Here is her gift to them.

Of Commission The 9 11 The Precedent Inside Without Story ...
(You can also find her Instagram @roxyraye for the best of her work)

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We get the news all day, but for me it always comes in the form of that familiar “Wizard on the spot.” In that instant I can picture my parents coming up the stairs to my dorm window. I remember how I felt, as I looked to the side and saw the entire scene playing out before my eyes.

I would say I felt a little bit scared but mostly relieved and glad to be alive. As I made my way to my room, a familiar figure approached from the front of my room. I was relieved to see it, as I was usually the last one out of my room and usually couldn’t just sneak up to this one.

“Hey Harry, are you awake?”

Sighing, I closed and locked my curtains, as I turned to a familiar looking face in the doorway. It took me a second to think of the words to answer her, before I heard her voice.

“Yeah I’m awake.”

She gave me a wink as she walked away, and I walked closer and placed my head on my arm resting on my pillow.

I don’t think I’ve said this much to anyone in my life. I know we’ve met a lot of people but for the most part I just do my own thing, and just don’t care. But today was different. I was actually hoping to get to know someone, even if just for a few minutes. I had a lot on my mind I guess.

I’m sure you can guess where this is going now.

I’m sorry for any cliff

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