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The most searched items every week was the traditional Japanese style tea set. People are searching for these tea boxes filled with tea, which is available at specialty tea shops.

How many people search for the phrase “lunch items” every day?

There were 635,000 searches for the phrase “lunch items” as of September 16 on Baidu.com.

What’s the most searched phrase everyday?

A large number of people requested items such as “shooting for $15 per hour” on Baidu.

What’s the most searched phrase every day?

A large number people searched for “shooting for $15 per hour” every day.

Search popularity from one day to the next. For instance, if people searched for “candy food” one day and got the same results the next day, they’d eventually end up in the top three.










The Obama administration on Tuesday unveiled plans to give $110 billion in tax breaks to energy and transportation equipment manufacturers and big retailers that have made big investments in renewable energy.

The tax breaks in the proposed National Trade Administration (NTIA) incentive package would help companies such as General Electric, Google, and Apple create jobs and boost the economy.

“Every American should be able to see the benefits of wind power or solar panels, whether they buy it or not,” said Peter Navarro, a former economist at the White House Domestic Policy Council. “The

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