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You could answer this as “any wood object can be made into an item, but some are more desirable than others,” and you might get some interesting answers, but they probably all depend on what the answer to that question was originally.

For me, the question I’ve got most consistently is “What is the best wood for an open source product?” and since this is one of the only types of wood to have a high demand for custom manufacture, if the answer is “any wood,” what I’m going to use is any wood that you can afford to buy, be it a cut-able block or a block of one size.

So, I chose oak. As mentioned earlier, I’d never used any form of oak before, so I had to do the research on how it would look and feel and how it would look with some of the other “must-have” materials they used, like mahogany or walnut. There’s nothing wrong with other woods in general, and there’s nothing wrong with using oak, but if the answer is oak or mahogany or whatever, I was going to go with the cheaper wood option.

But how did I know? Well the best wood for an open source project is simply what is cheap and readily available. So for the sake of this post, I went through Craigslist, and I bought a whole bunch of wood. (The total was a bit over $250, probably on the high end, but a large number of items are under $30. Some of them are even under $15.)

Here are some of the projects I tried on the two trees. The one with a maple tree is more of a work in progress. This is a good tree, but not as good for some reason…but I think I like it just fine. I’m not going to post anything more than “looks good” or whatever, but these are just some sample shots. If I do more, I’ll update the pics in posts like this. Anyway, it shows how far I’ve come lately.

It’s nice and smooth

I found a nice red maple that had been felled two or three years ago. It’s pretty solid, but not as good as some of the other ones I tried. You could say that I did my best. It was almost exactly what one would expect to find when looking at an open source project that was made with some red maple sapwood as the key material.

It’s beautiful

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