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I always tell my students to take their ideas from the internet and see how people react to it – how they love it, how they hate it, how they can improve it. It will be something that they’re happy to have – for my clients it will be a revenue stream and a way of spending money so that they can have the freedom to choose it and put all their energy into it.

For me it’s about creating content, which means that I’ll get my own opinions, and I’ll have a great idea that I want to share. With content, you can make something that has a high level of interaction with your audience so that they’re happy to have your brand associated with them. That means that they’ll be willing to pay for your work.

So I make all my money in the real-life world. My clients want to pay me for the time they spend with me, so I’m not going to make them the offer to donate a few bucks to someone that they’ve never met. I’ve gone on to work for some great people that are great to work with, the kind of people who can really make an impact by giving back to other lives. That’s my dream job! For now I’ve been fortunate enough to have people I love working with me, and I’ll continue to do that.

If you could write any book, what would it be?

If I had the time, there are two books I’d write about – books that really helped me to get my business started, and books that are still relevant to me today. One would be about business development and learning how to work through issues, and the other would be about the most interesting stuff that happens to me, and how my life has evolved thanks to it.

I have been able to grow my business enormously by following the book ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ by Timothy Ferriss and Neil Patel. It’s the same idea of ‘learn to love what you do,’ and ‘create a habit of happiness and success.’ To me it’s an amazing book, a guide to living a life of ease. To others, maybe it is boring or scary or even frustrating.

What’s the last thing you regret doing?
Wood Business Cards with Bleed Engraving/Business Cards with

I would say the last thing I regret doing. I want to work with great people and with people with fantastic ideas. I would say it’s definitely money, but I don’t regret having bought the shares I did with Microsoft. I really think

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