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I bought my first saw back in the early 2000’s. It was a KPS series from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, and it was in great condition considering its age (about 11 years). I picked it up with a friend and started working on it as soon as it arrived, and it’s been sitting at my place ever since. Over time it accumulated a fair amount of rust, but it hasn’t stopped working fine, and I’d guess it will have about 10 years before it needs replacing.

Where did you get this saw?

I bought it from a trusted local source, a shop owner who has been at it since the 1940’s and started building furniture. He had a KPS, that was a nice big saw that was made in the USA, and he cut and shaped it himself (the first time, he didn’t take much from it, though he did clean everything up a bit). He then sold it to me for scrap, and I bought everything I needed for it by myself. I bought some metal screws and wood that were a bit old, and used some old sawing sticks.

What should I build first?

I build everything with my own tools or my own scraps. I used the KPS saw to make a few large boxes for storage from scrap, then proceeded to try to do my own furniture from it…and the results aren’t what one might have thought.

How did you get started building furniture from scrap?

I got started building furniture after going through my local flea market. I found some scrap lumber and began building from that; eventually it became clear that what I had was too heavy for what I needed. Soon I started buying lumber from thrift stores, and doing a lot of custom builds before finally settling on what I now call “Scrap furniture” or “Gig economy furniture”.

I use a lot of my furniture to make boxes at work, and for storage/organization/organizing…and I really enjoy doing it. It adds to the decor at the office and keeps you focused on a task rather than being bogged down in the details.

What are you currently building? Will you continue building it?

I’ve just started building one of my personal buildings out of the scraps I find. The project is currently going pretty well.
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What tools do you use?

I have three hand tools, all of which are old: a pair of pliers,

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