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Let’s break all that down.

Sewing has two components, seam lines and stitch lines.

Let’s start with the stitch lines. Every sewing item should have these.

You can see them in the pictures below –

What are seam lines?

Here are the two photos.

The left shows the seam lines where the garment is sewn. The right shows the seam lines where garment threads are wrapped.

Sewing stitch lines are also called footlines or edge selvages, which are part of the seam.

They are what keep the fabric from wrinkling while sewing the garment. It is part of the seam.

Here is an example.

Here is a picture of what the seam looks like. Notice that there is lots of seam lines. It’s the actual sewing thread.

It takes a lot of time to sew the pattern piece that goes over the footline. That’s because you don’t want the threads to bunch up, twist or get stuck there.

The good thing about how the seam lines keep the garment uniform is that it shows that the pattern piece will not be wrinkled while the garment is being sewn.

Here is an example where I have sewn a piece that is a 5 inch wide rectangle.

I did not take a picture of the feet to show the seam line. If you look at how the seam line looks, you can see that there are no extra seam lines.
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All I did was take one fabric (with a 3 inch bottom so the seam doesn’t get big) and lay it over a piece of fabric.

I then cut off one of the pieces from the bottom.

I put that on top of the other.

I then put a piece of fabric over the first piece with the corner seam cut off.

And then I took another piece from the bottom and lay it over the previous piece.

I then cut off the top and bottom sides.

That’s it. Pretty simple huh?

Sew all items except headbands through the center seam line. You need to do this to make sure the seams stay in place.

Make sure that the waistband stays on the waistband.

When you wear the item, make sure to place the headband on it.

If you put it on your shoulder, it works fine. I prefer to wear my bag or backpack

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