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I don’t want to make a lot of money by making a hand-crafted cabinet, I want to make money in construction.

How did you build your cabinets? Was it a big project or maybe a piece of a bigger project?

I was building cabinets to sell, for a friend who wanted to do some remodeling on his own place. I did it to have some extra room, since my kitchen was a bit too small.

How did you make money? Was it as a woodworker at home, or had you built a small business by selling cabinets?

It really was a little bit of both. It was a bit like a side-business, and if you knew how to build the woodwork, you could make a really good amount of money. Then, when I started selling, I saw the number of people that wanted to buy things made by the shop, to get money for remodeling, that was a nice bonus that I enjoyed.

Tell me about buying, and selling cabinets:

When I decided to build my own, I decided I would do it for a friend who lived in another state, who also needed a side-business in order to help pay for expenses of remodeling. I got the cabinets I needed, for a very cheap price. I did get a few cabinets, on credit from another friend to have for a while until buying my first cabinet in the shop. After I got my first cabinet, I decided to stop selling cabinets, and focus on my woodworking.

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What was your first purchase from the shop?

A desk that I’ve had in the shop for a few years. (I didn’t have a desk for years; the desk was still the only thing I’d do with any type of power) I had about half bought by me, and the rest came from a friend who used them as furniture in some projects.

Is this the first time you have sold at a market?

This is the first time I’ve sold at a market, other than from myself. It’s a good way to help get people interested in building their own cabinets, since you can try what it’s like to own a lot of cabinets, at a bargain price. I would like to do it more regularly, but I really need a bigger workspace, so it’s going to be hard to sell as much as I want to.

How does this project compare to work you have done before?

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