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You have to be experienced, at least at one woodworking project in your life. You need to be skilled in a few different skills: how to use the tools/materials around you (baking, cutting, sanding, screwing, etc.) and the physical movement involved in cutting and drilling/hammering through wood-and be sure you know how to use that stuff as well.

You must understand the process of taking and using new wood tools, tools you might use on your woodworking projects. And I do mean “use,” too. You can be using a screwdriver like crazy, but if you screw up now it could ruin your plans for the future. For example, you’re doing the sawing, and an unexpected nail flies through the hole you drilled. That’s going to cost you quite some time, and, well, you have to use a hammer and a screwdriver again.

In some cases, you’re just going to need to know how to use a few tools. For instance, it helps if you know how to use a sharp cutting tool, a bit of sawing wood, a drill, and use a wrench.

Are you willing to learn new skill-sets?

If not, you might be too busy learning the same things you’ve been taught. Even with great instruction and a great set of tools to work with, someone will learn or develop a certain skill. That’s called an over-use skill, and you’ve become over-trained. In particular, you can tell when it happens: You start doing the same thing over and over again without doing any improvement. Then you start to look around and decide that you have no new skills or interests, and it’s time to try something new.

The best way to figure out if you’re ready to try something new is to make a plan and stick to it: Do this when you’re not doing what you’re used to doing, and see if it feels right to you. If it doesn’t, change it. Then, when you’re ready, be ready.

Do you practice your skills regularly or do they get tired?

If you just sit around and repeat a pattern or pattern of cutting or drilling and hammering, or if you’re just going to be cutting and drilling and hammering, chances are it will wear off after a while. And it won’t keep sharp.

The fundamentals of starting a woodworking business # ...
Do you use a shop full of tools, or do you just use

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