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I’ve seen a couple of people comment that “making one and selling it is good money,” and I agree with that, and I’ve seen others comment that if they’ve made enough money from the sale so far, they won’t want to go back to it. I’m still deciding whether or not I’ll sell or not, honestly. I like the idea of buying wood for craft projects; the more the better, and I can do that for a reasonable price, so it’s a great feeling.

What do you look for when you’re buying wood?

First of all, if it’s not too thin, then I’ll buy at least two different sizes—one for my desk, and one for storage. If the board is very thick, or in the “trees” style, I’ll get the right size. Otherwise, I mostly look for quality—good wood with good woodworking. If a board is “trees” for a solid object, I’ll look for one that has no dents or cracks in it. If it’s a “frame” of wood with an edge, I’ll also look for this.

I look for boards that look like they’ll be able to hold the weight of my desk without falling apart. The wood I use for a desk is heavy; it needs to be sturdy for me to use with my desk chair. If it looks weak, it’s not worth the extra cost. When you buy a wood cabinet, don’t expect that it’s going to be lightweight; it probably won’t. You just want it to stand the weight of whatever wood you use, be it wood, metal, concrete, foam, or something similar. This really matters.

Do you sell more wood than just for furniture?

Not necessarily. I work mainly at home, so I only spend my money making the stuff I use at home. That’s why I buy so much wood. This is also the reason that I don’t keep any of my stock out at my shop. My first goal before buying wood was to make sure I had time to work on it and get it beautiful without cutting it into pieces, and I can usually do that. Then when I make my furniture, I add the wood to the inventory so I can quickly build and sell something and then get the wood I need for that project.

And you’re very active in social media?

I’m a Facebook regular, and I’m not one of those people who

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